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  • Maintenance services
  • Maintenance works
  • Civil engineering work
  • Others jobs
  • Consulting
  • Maintenance service/assistance

    Experienced and qualified engineers and technicians team, work organized by standard tools, 24h/24h work in 3 shifts, Attention to the quality of services and the respect of task delay, help the customer to reach its production target, general and specific mechanical and electrical work.

  • Maintenance works

    Underground mine, open pit, crushing plant, milling plant, metallurgical plant, conveyor belt repair and splicing (cold and hot), etc.

  • Civil engineering work

    Masonry, ordinary concrete, reinforced concrete, etc.

  • Other jobs

    Scaffolding building, industrial cleaning, ordinary painting, anti-rust painting and anti-acid painting of metallic structures, electrical cabling and drawing, barrel bending, Personnel hire (cleaner, civil engineer, mechanical, electrical, etc.)

  • Consulting

    Equipped with an engineering and design department to bring solid solutions to engineering problems: Design and sizing of equipment and processes ; Processes instrumentation: sensor choice and calibration, actuator choice and calibration, data acquisition or measurement chain design and sizing, control chain design and sizing ; Optimization and automatic control of processes: process modelling, parametric identification, state observers or software sensors, steady-state and dynamic simulation, cost function, optimization algorithm and automatic control strategy ; Fault detection, isolation and diagnosis-Preventive maintenance-Monitoring: process modeling and identification, state observers, simulators, cost function, optimization algorithm, decision tools.

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Equipped with all necessary and useful technical materials and equipment and providing all PPE for safety and security purpose, WE LOOK FORWARD TO SHARING OUR EXPERTISE.

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